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Artist bio

DUNE Aimee is a raw Dutch pop artist with a bubbly personality! Catchy hooks like Sigrid and vulnerable lyrics inspired by the conversational songwriting style of Julia Michaels. She tells emotional stories that suit the typical, sometimes a little dramatic, 20’s era and wraps them in quirky pop productions with a hint of Maggie Rogers and, Dutch artist, NAAZ. 


Growing up around strong female artists in the pop scene, such as Adele and P!NK, inspired her to be an empowering and relatable artist by being exactly who she is. ‘As a kid I would always go to the same little corner in my room, sit on the ground and listen to my favourite artists sing about their struggles or how they overcome them. Knowing even people that I looked up to had the same struggles, made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Although it can be a little scary, it inspired me to be 100% open and honest in my music.’  


After moving to Leeds, UK, in 2017 DUNE Aimee started collaborating with international songwriters, producers and other artists around the area to work on new music. After gigging and having her first single ‘Power Cut’ played on different local radio stations in the Netherlands and BBC Introducing in the UK, she is now back in the Netherlands broadening her presence and audience both nationally and internationally.  


Her newest single Wildcard, released November 10th, is about someone who’s constantly pushing your buttons, testing your limits, playing with your feelings and acting incredibly unpredictable. But how long do you let them get away with it? This song is about the internal struggle and confrontation as well as the careful confrontation with them. Because you don’t wanna risk losing them either… Due to the playful production and quirky vocals this song feels like a cute and apologetic rap on the knuckles rather than a simple ‘fuck you’.

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