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'Hey, do you remember yesterday?
Did you forget about my name?
Well, I don't mind if you're
"The way that you kiss me when saying goodnight, makes me wanna run 'cause it feels way too right... 
when I leave will you miss me?
and who else are you kissing?"


"The second I say I like talking to you, '
maybe we could do this again if you want to?'
You say you'll check and get back to me soon..." 


'How'd you forget about her?

'Cause I keep on thinking 'bout her

After 9 years of being with her?!'

'Is it you or just my loneliness?

Is it you or just pre-written scripts?

If it's you why am I still overthinking?

Really hope it's you, but I'm pretty bad at healing...

'By The End of Dune' 
and some of my favorite lyrics 




I've made a Spotify playlist with songs that inspire and influence me or are just simply bangers and can't not be in the mix! 


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