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Oh Wonder: an album release gig with a twist

Bijgewerkt op: 30 jun. 2020

A night filled with bangers and personal chats. Everyone wants to be part of the OW family.

May 2020 


On the 11th of February 2020 the Wardrobe, a little venue in Northern Leeds, is packed. People are standing on each other’s feet and spill drinks just trying to get a glimpse of the cute London based electropop duo Oh Wonder.

Straight in with ‘Better Now’, one of the first singles from their third and newest album ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’, Oh Wonder sets the night up for success. Starting with only piano and Josephine’s vocals everyone is quietly listening, but then the beat hits and the band joins in. The energy in the venue changes and the audience reacts ecstatically. Her soft and sweet voice is soon joined by Anthony’s warm vocals. By singing in octaves, a signature move in their music, this duo knows how to create an intimate and personal atmosphere. Their harmonised vocals, synth pop and eclectic folk mix can be compared to bands such as James Blake, LANY, and alt-J. The musical chemistry these two have on stage is incomparable. It feels like you get a little peak into their private lives and become part of their family.

From one of their newest tracks to one of their oldest: ‘Drive’. This is definitely a crowd-pleaser. From the moment Josephine starts singing the audience sings along to each and every word. This track is the start of an unexpected amount of old songs for an album release gig. Oh Wonder explains they have one goal: celebrating their audience. Weather you joined their fanbase a week ago or from the beginning in 2014, they make sure to appreciate each and every one.

In between the tracks Oh Wonder makes time for funny, ironic and light-hearted chats with the audience. For example when Josephine points out that the next track is Anthony’s song… about his ‘ex-i-sten-tial crisis’. After a humorous chat Anthony announces the song: 

‘So, my ex-girlfriend just got married, and I wrote a song… This song is called Happy.’ 

With Oh Wonder not only having an artistic relationship but also a romantic one, writing and singing about Anthony’s ex must at least be a little awkward, but this doesn’t show.

The final track ‘Hallelujah’ is for all the people that told Josephine to stop making music, find a real job and ‘hang up her piano’. The song is about not giving a fuck, and summarises the meaning of their album ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’. The perfect ending for a normal album release gig, but this one is a little different. After a massive applause they come back for a reprise and close the night with another golden oldie ‘Lose it’. The perfect ending for a night based around Oh Wonder’s fans. This duo is destined for great things. 


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