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Live shows: 

events, weddings and more 

From festivals and weddings to corporate events, I do it all. I can sing covers or originals and am able to adjust the set to meet your requirements. I can perform solo with backing tracks or piano, in a duo with either pianist or guitarist and if needed I am able to hire a band as well. The varied repertoire provides the option for big 80's bangers as well as ballads for an acoustic lounge set. 

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Recording artist/Top-liner

Apart from being a performing artist, I am also a recording artist and top-liner. Since being 15 years old, I am collaborating with other artists, musicians and producers. With a mini studio set up at home, I am able to record my vocals remotely and work with, and for people all over the world. I am a huge believer in the positive effect of collaborations and am always looking for new people to work with. 

If you make music, got some questions or want to see if I could help you with a new project, please do not be shy and send me an email or fill out the contact form! 


The beauty of music is the way it connects people.

To me there is nothing more exciting than to share my experience as a vocalist and artist with others. 

As a vocalist and artists I know the impact teachers have on their students and how just one teacher can spark an ambition, passion and love for music. Therefore, I decided to specialise myself in education at University and I have been teaching since. 

Everyone is different. Therefore, I adapt my teaching style to the individual needs of each student. Together we can focus on reaching your goals by working on either technique, style, musicianship, songwriting, theory, confidence, stage presence, emotional intent or a combination of the above. I can help you write your own songs, tackle a vocal problem or help you sing your favourite song. 

My lessons are based on your needs and aspirations. Apart from having fun, singing safely is a priority. Therefore, to maintain a safe and healthy vocal environment I will refer back to underlying techniques. 

I provide one-to-one lessons, duo lessons and group workshops on location. I am currently based in the Netherlands, Haarlem, and can teach from home or on location. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or enquiries!


‘Dune is a kind, patient and talented teacher who will give clear instructions to help her students achieve their goals. All of my lessons were enjoyable, fun, engaging and I learnt a lot. The lessons were targeted at my level of playing to help me improve at a speed that I am comfortable with. I would definitely recommend Dune for anyone wanting to find a singing teacher.’


Samuel Ward 

My work as music journalist 

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